Initial Symptoms of Mouth Cancer: Early Detection is Vital!

Symptoms of mouth cancer: Have you known why people are late doing treatments for oral cancer? As they don’t discover the early symptoms, so this is the clear reason that a lot of people are still suffering from acute oral cancer. Somehow they have still undiscovered the mild symptoms, and finally realized after it gets serious. In the previous article I have provided information about the symptoms of oral cancer. So, this time I will assert you that ascertaining the symptoms of oral cancer is necessary, and even when the symptoms are well known, the key for the remedy will easily be obtained.

Previously, I want to share information according to source that I read on this article:

More than 40.000 of American citizen are infected by oral cancer, and from the same information that it runs into the rapid aggravation and worries. So what do you think? This news is really saddening isn’t it?

Another mindful thing that oral cancer is one of the illnesses that has highness of death rate, since the main cause is the tardiness for medication. Fortunately, if someone immediately realize oral cancer by its symptoms, so this illness will meet its remedy soon. Therefore, it is compulsory to immediately know the early stage of oral cancer.

mouth cancer

Here are the general discovered symptoms of oral cancer, so be advised to memorize carefully. Hopefully, this will be beneficial once you need it in the future.

o Irritation on mouth area.
o Sores on mouth or tongue.
o Swelling on tongue, lips or throat.
o White lips, or reddish lips.
o Something lodged inside the throat.
o Pain when chewing or swallowing foods.
o Pain in jaw or tongue when moving.
o Numb feeling on the area of mouth and tongue.
o Jaws feel different, uncomfortable or swollen.
o The hardly to cure thrush-like sensation.
o Earache.

Those are the common symptoms of oral cancer, and if you experience one of the symptoms above, it determines that you should have extra awareness. As, oral cancer may infect anyone including you. For your knowledge that a lot of people who suffer from oral cancer are not aware that the illnesses is currently infecting them, so it is too late to treat it. The mostly main thing that we must routinely examine the health of tongue, mouth and teeth, so doctors can detect the first symptoms of oral cancer. And the last thing is making sure that the whole things are done by the experts.

In addition, people that endure from oral cancer are those who often consuming tobacco, by whether smoking or chewing it. Besides smokers and other tobacco consumers, other bad habit such as; alcoholic, exposed too much sun, consuming wrong dietary, and of course the unhealthy oral sex will make easier for people getting oral cancer.

Now you have known the symptoms of oral cancer, so be aware of its causes, since acute oral cancer may be deadly. It is similar with other kinds of cancer, the late medication will make someone tortured and even dead. By paying attention on the early symptoms, you will be released from the vicious oral cancer which rapidly develops nowadays in the region of U.S. So keep your awareness and best wishes.


Oral Cancer Survival Rate – Some Knowable Facts

Several data stated that the oral cancer survival rate is extremely fearful for most people, since it includes the datum of death period and survival chance. A person will surely be terrified once he knows when he will meet his death, with the specified interval. Therefore, I would like to give depiction regarding to survival rates of oral cancer, which have been compiled on many sources. Hopefully, your awareness towards oral cancer could rise.

mouth cancer on toungeHave you known oral cancer? Before explaining further about survival rate of oral cancer, you are preferable to read my previous articles on this page –

The current information that have we got recently from the reliable oral cancer sites; more than 43000 of people in U.S. who underwent the oral cancer diagnosis, positively have oral cancer. Based on the data which related to deceases that are caused by acute oral cancer – it roughly kills 1 person per hour. Other surprising facts from similar sites tell that a half of cancer oral sufferers will only have 5 years to live. These worrisome facts will surely give us alarm for the danger of oral cancer.

Other sources retell that the death rate of cancer oral in a year is 81%! And for the range between 5 to 10 years is only 50 in percentage.

Actually, I can’t make sure if the statements on some oral cancer websites are 100% accurate, but the difference of the percentage among them is not quite far. However, the number survival rate for oral cancer is a fearsome for majority. Then what should I do?

  1. For those who don’t possess oral cancer. You may avoid oral cancer by doing several things such as; keep your body especially mouth to stay clean. Oral cancer are usually noticed by the presence of problems in mouth area, so it is necessary to frequently clean up your mouth. In addition, if you are used to smoke, you will have a higher chance to be infected by oral cancer, and healthy dietary will help in prevention of oral cancer instead. You can eat vitamin, mineral, anti-bacterial substances containing foods such as fruits. Conclusively, the right way of life is keeping your cleanliness and food to be considered well.
  2. For people who live with oral cancer. Spare your time for having fun, and reducing the stress. Never giving up, and doing the necessary treatments by visiting trustworthy doctors or using natural home remedies. In some cases, people have just healed eventually their oral cancer by only taking natural medications. So, my suggestion is to keep enthusiastic in healing oral cancer.

Taking time for yourself, and gathering with family can mostly be important, so you will soon forget the fear of oral cancer and its terrifying survival rate. Although the fact about rate is quite reliable, but there are many things to help you erasing the mindful matters related to oral cancer, such as getting closer to God as the only one who may decide any kind of problems.

Even though the datum of the rate is intensely fearsome, but the thing is not to be scared of, it may become encouragement instead. Hopefully, you always have healthy condition.


Symptoms of Mouth Cancer We Need to be Aware of

If you’re a person that’s genuinely concerned about their overall health and well-being, chances are you may already have a good idea of what the symptoms of oral/mouth cancer are. But for those of you that’s generally less concerned about health related issues, you might want to read through this article.

Mouth cancer is very dangerous. This particular type of cancer attacks nearly every part of the mouth including the tongue, palate, lower tongue, lips and even gums. It’s important to note, that according to a surgeon from London Bridge Hospital, mouth cancer does not typically cause any sort of pain. Cancer glands do not produce similar sensations of pain to tongue infection or your everyday throat pain. But the most unsettling fact about this cancer is that it kills.

mouth cancer on tounge

Based on various sources, symptoms of mouth cancer (for example, on the tongue) start off as a thrush like pain. But this particular pain persists and could last for as long as two weeks. Some of the symptoms can be similar to disorder of the throat such as tonsil stones and laryngitis, therefore, if you experience persistent thrush like pain, it is generally advised for you to immediately visit your doctor or other professional health care provider.

mouth cancer imageFurthermore, although the initial symptoms very much resemble thrush, but there’s one underlying difference that sets the two apart. The lesions caused by cancer on the tongue feels more solid than the lesions caused by thrush are somewhat softer. The lesions associated to thrush tend to disappear and reappear at different spots, while cancer lesions are static. The lesions caused by cancer are growing at a rapid pace, its shape gradually resembles cauliflower. Although the shape may vary from person to person, but generally speaking, the shape of the lesions are like piled up bumps. This cancer not only attacks the tongue, but also the roof of the mouth, the insides of the cheeks as well as the gums.

The symptoms are identical, that is the appearance of thrush like lesions, which then enlarge and harden. For someone that’s not really concern with their oral hygiene, and especially for those who smoke and consume alcohol and even for someone with dentures, they need to really maintain a high level of oral hygiene.

Thrush like pain is one of the many symptoms of the onset of mouth cancer, and there are several other symptoms or signs to look out for. The following is a complete list of signs and symptoms of mouth cancer. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your physician immediately.

  1. Throat pain
  2. Bumps or lumps around the throat
  3. Pain in swallowing (eating or drinking)
  4. Pain on the tongue (upper and lower)
  5. Thickening of the skin around the mouth (hardened skin)
  6. Appearance of persistent boils or ulcers around the mouth
  7. Pain while chewing (due to cancer lesions)
  8. Burning sensation on the tongue
  9. Bleeding from the mouth
  10. Pain in the mouth cavity, reaching the ears
  11. Altered voice

There are several promoting factors of mouth cancer, and maybe you’re familiar with some of them. But just in case these factors escape you, below is a list of said factors:

  1. Long term and excessive consumption of alcohol
  2. Ingesting tobacco or cigarettes
  3. Sexual activities prone to HPV virus transmission
  4. Radiation treatment on the neck and head areas
  5. Excessive exposure to sunlight, specifically in the mouth area
  6. Consuming red meat and fried chicken

The above factors are generally accepted as the causes of mouth cancer. So now that we know what the promoting factors of mouth cancer are, how can we avoid developing said cancer? Well, common sense dictates that we need to distance ourselves from these risk factors. In other words, we need to start adopting a healthy life. That means quit smoking, stop consuming alcoholic beverages and practice safe sex. Perhaps, more importantly, you need to perform routine checkups to ensure that nothing is endangering your overall health and well-being. Oh and let’s not forget the importance of maintaining a healthy oral hygiene.

There’s one recorded case of mouth cancer that happened to a woman called Victoria Workman. She was diagnosed with mouth cancer after a long period of unawareness. Workman thought she had suffered from an ordinary case of thrush, but after realizing that her thrush was persistent, she immediately visited her doctor and got herself tested. She was eventually diagnosed with mouth cancer. She mistakenly thought the bumps around her mouth as a simple inflammation, while in reality it was a life-threatening cancer of the mouth. As you’re probably aware, cancer grows at an alarming rate. It spreads quickly along the body, but luckily for her, she was only diagnosed of stadium 2 cancer. After undergoing treatment, she has now made a full recovery.

From the information we’ve gathered from the survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation, we came across a rather alarming fact; from thousands of participants, not a single participant was aware of the cause and symptoms of mouth and tongue cancer. It may very well be that you are also unfamiliar with both the cause and symptoms of tongue and mouth cancer.

From the available data, we can conclude that the mortality rate associated with cancer are indeed high, and it’s rising year after year. So what can we conclude from all of this? Well for one thing, it tells us the importance of a routine health check-ups. Although there are many recorded cases of people actually surviving cancer, including mouth cancer, the only real defense when it comes to cancer is prevention. And that is why routine checkups combined with knowledge about cancer is of the utmost importance. It could save your life.

So how exactly do you treat cancer? At present, there are several ways of treating or relieving some of the effects of cancer. Among which: surgery, chemotherapy and radio therapy. Unlike tonsil stones removal which is safe and has a really low chance of complication (read more about tonsil stones removal here: ), treatment to cancer is known to have a very debilitating side effects. Now I’m not going to go over them in detail, you can find everything you need to know on these procedures on the following links:


Perhaps we can discuss these procedures in greater details on my upcoming articles.

So there you have it, the initial mouth cancer symptoms you need to be aware of. I sincerely hope that upon reading this article, you now have a general idea of what mouth cancer is and the steps you can take to prevent it or minimize the damage it caused. If you have any questions or you would like to share your comments, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.